April 20 2010

08 Troth Skype Moot, 3/2010, Thor

Heilsa All! Everyone loves Thor!  But is he just a mindless manly mover of Mjölnir or is there more to the defender of Midgard?  We talk about his parentage, his foes and our personal experiences with Thor. We also note a few different web sites for more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_names_of_Thor - Names of Thor http://northvegr.org/ - Sagas and Eddas, by the truckload. The Next Skype Moot will be on April 28, 2010 at 9 PM EST.  Topic: “Hospitality”. Wes Thu Hal David Carron

March 29 2010

07 Trothmoot 2010

Volkshof Kindred is putting on Trothmoot this year at St. Croix State Park, in Hinckley, MN from June 10th-13th 2010. And it looks like an awesome time, with lots of cool events and local talent. Have a look at: http://www.crystalcoast.net/thetroth/FAQTrothmoot.pdf - FAQ http://www.crystalcoast.net/thetroth/trothmoot.html - Trothmoot 2010 Main Page

February 11 2010

06 Troth Skype Moot, 1/2010, Sacrifice

We just jumped right into the discussion on Sacrifice with a few Trothers. We chatted about current meanings and in the Lore.  We talked about a few eddas and sagas.  Lots of us had anecdotes and sage advice.  We also spoke quite a bit on luck and how that sacrifice plays into that. The Next Skype Moot will be on February 25, 2010 at 9 PM EST.  Topic: “Oaths”. Wes Thu Hal David Carron

January 11 2010

05 Troth Skype Moot, 12/2009, Havamal

We managed to get a bunch of Trothers to talk about the Havamal. We chatted about our favorite stanzas and our tale on their meaning.  We traded stories about the advice given from one of most sacred of texts.  We talked about the ethics of drinking, (and I forget about that Heron of Mindlessness).  Much fun and silliness ensued. The Next Skype Moot will be on January 14, 2010 at 9 PM EST.  Topic: "Sacrifice". Wes Thu Hal David Carron

December 7 2009

04 Troth Skype Moot, 11/2009, Ancestors

Heilsa All! We managed to stuff almost 10 people into a single audio chat room to talk about the Ancestors. We shared a number of personal, historical and lore based anecdotes.  The Troth members stood up and answered the Big Questions about the Ancestors.  Such what to do about that unfortunate family member in your history that you would like to forget and how to really connect with those less known folks in your family. Patty Lafayllve and myself are hoping that this becomes a regular monthly staple in your Heathen audio diet. Wes Thu Hal David Carron

December 21 2008

03 Happy Yule from the Troth

Hail one and all!  A group of Troth officers and members (and bystanders) got together to discuss the fun, frolic and faith of Yule in 2008.  Said folks include, Patty Lafayllve, David Carron, Soli Johnson, Stacey Wilber, Martin "Gerd" Venerator, Mike Hicks, Sandi Carron and the littlest Heathen Kay.

November 17 2008

02 Idunna and The Troth

Patricia Lafayllve discusses Idunna, her relevance to the Norse myths, and the importance of the apple to Asatru.  Idunna is The Troth's patron goddess, and here our current Steerswoman talks about what that means to our organization, and why we honor Idunna at our annual gathering, Trothmoot.

01 Troth: At the Tiller, Autumn 2008

The Troth publishes a quarterly magazine, called Idunna.  "At the Tiller" is the article written each quarter by The Troth's current Steersperson.  This podcast features our Steerswoman, Patricia Lafayllve, reading Idunna #77's "At the Tiller."  She hopes to continue this practice, and plans to podcast every "At the Tiller" she writes.  Patricia was elected to her position by the membership in Spring 2008, and took her oath of office at Trothmoot 2008 in June.